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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 6: 'Haemophobia'

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Previously on "Doc Martin"

Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole) finally got interesting, but she also got her heart broken with a former paramour arrived in Portwenn wanting to rekindle their love. Unfortunately, Martin (Martin Clunes) realized that the guy was in poor health and not long for this world. Elaine (Lucy Punch) attempted a relationship with Al Large (Joe Absolom) with mixed results.

This week's episode: "Haemophobia"

Directed by: Ben Bolt
Written by: Dominic Minghella, John Reigier and Kirstie Falkous

Barely one minute into this episode and Martin is already offending Portwennfolk. Anyone with half a brain for of social norms would know you can't walk up to a woman, stare at her chest and ask if she's had her right breast examined. At least introduce yourself and explain that you're a doctor, dude -- c'mon.

Doc gets an unexpected visit from Adrian Pitt (Rupert Young), the butt-kissing former medical who studied under Doc's command in London and who was briefly introduced in episode two. He's a slimy, self-righteous brat, so when he asks for a recommendation for a promotion, Martin calls him an ass and tells him to leave.

Martin goes about his business, seeing patients for minor ear infections and whatnot, but for some reason they keep mentioning blood. One of Doc's patients even mentions having an aversion to blood, but that "I don't have a thing about it like you do. Isn't that right, Doc?"

Uh oh -- bloody cat's out of the bag! Looks like Adrian Pitts has exacted his revenge by telling the whole town about Martin's secret. Martin gets a call that Burt Large has hurt himself at the pub, so he grabs his bag and races down -- still in his pressed suit. (Doesn't it get hot in that thing?)

Turns out this whole thing was a joke and Bert's bloody arm is nothing more than ketchup! The people of Portwenn sure do get a kick out of exploiting their fellow man's weaknesses. Just wait until one of them breaks an arm or gets sick. They'll sure regret getting on Martin's bad side.

Meanwhile, Louisa (Caroline Catz) has had her hands full dealing with her unruly student, Peter (Kurtis O'Brien), the too-smart-for-his-own-good trouble maker from episode four. Peter is smart, but defiant when it comes to listening to what his teachers have to say. In walks another unruly male, Doc Martin, who's at the school to examine Peter after he took a tumble during P.E.

In a terrible mood after being tricked by Bert Large and the rest of the town, he comes in with a tongue full of acid. Now Martin's on a rampage to find out who spilled the beans about his haemophobia. First victim? Roger Fenn (Jeff Rawle), the closest thing Martin has to a friend in town. But was it Roger he spill the beans? Nope! But of course Doc Martin gives him a thorough tongue-lashing before going on with his rage.

Finally, Louisa marches up to Martin's office to give him a piece of her mind. And boy does she let him have it! Finally someone puts Doc Martin in his place. He's got to fall in love with her now, right?

Peter falls very ill in the middle of the night, and both Martin and Louisa are on the scene to help. They can't get a helicopter to Portwenn in time, so they're forced to take Peter to the hospital via ambulance.

In this heightened state of adrenaline Martin opens up to Louisa about why he's afraid of blood. Just as he finished his story Peter takes a turn for the worse and Martin has to spring into action (i.e. get the internal bleeding to stop).

Martin mans up and cuts open Peter's side, clamping his artery with his own hands. Amazing! He was able to keep it together to save Peter's life. So, like, Louisa's totally smitten now, right?

Peter ends up fine, but Dr. Adrian Pitts is there to be his usual slimy self. Turns out he was the one who told the entire town of Martin's aversion to blood. What a weasel!

Martin and Louisa head home together and Doc tries to hold her hand, but then Louisa pounces on him for a kiss! Woohoo! Finally, right? Of course Martin has a way of ruining a good thing and the first thing he asks her is whether or not she has a regular dental hygiene routine. Gasp! She should smack him senseless for being so clueless.

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