Doc Martin

Doc Martin Season 5 Premiere Live Tweeting!

Martin and the baby

The premiere of season five of "Doc Martin" is finally here!

Join us on Twitter (@KCET) with the hashtag #onKCET this Thursday promptly at 8 p.m. as we start live tweeting the long awaited first episode of the new season.

Celebrate with us the appearance of the wacky townspeople, the beautiful town of Portwenn, Louisa, Martin, and of course, the baby! Use #onKCET to let us know your thoughts, reactions, and predictions while watching the show.

Can't wail till tomorrow for your "Doc Martin" fix? Watch our behind-the-scenes videos while you wait for Thursday.

Hosting a viewing party? KCET Food has a shorbread recipe that is easy and delicious!

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