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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode 28: 'Midwife Crisis'

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Previously on "Doc Martin"
Martin went to London to meet with Robert Dashwood, who is leading the selection process for the job he applied for. On the train back to Cornwall, Martin ends up sitting with Jim Selkirk, one of his patients. Jim falls asleep... and then dies on the train.

Theo, one of Louisa's students, became ill in class. His parents were sure he picked up the illness in Joan's chicken coop during a school field trip (which she happened to lock him in as punishment).

Mrs. Selkirk was seeing visions of her dead husband, but Martin figured out what was wrong with her and ended up being just fine. No harm, no foul.
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This week's episode: "Midwife Crisis"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Ben Bolt
Directed by: Ben Bolt

Martin (Martin Clunes) is trying to deal with his fear of blood head on. With the London hospital job looming, he's using any means necessary -- getting his hands dirty, literally -- to prove he's fit for the post.

But what's Portwenn without a bit of added drama for the doctor? There's a new midwife in town, Molly (Gemma Craven), who is as abrasive as Martin. Things don't look good for them from the start.

Bert's (Ian McNeice) hired a new cook, Marigold (Regina Freedman), to help out at his restaurant. She's very flirtatious even though she's married, and while she's being coy with Bert she ends up cutting her finger.
Martin deals with the blood himself, and it doesn't seem to bother him.

Later on, Edith (Lia Williams) calls to tell him he will have to be able to perform surgery in six weeks if he wants the head of vascular position on London. He says that he will be fully over his fears by then and that he's still up for the job.


Martin heads over to the school to examine Louisa's (Caroline Catz) students. When she walks in, he asks if everything is okay with her. She tells him she's having some issues urinating -- it burns a bit.

Awkwardly -- and in standard operating procedure for Martin -- he asks if it also smells different than normal urine. She says it does, and he diagnoses her with a urinary tract infection. He prescribes some antibiotics and tells her she'll be fine.

At the pharmacy, Louisa runs into Molly. The midwife makes a big deal about the antibiotics Martin prescribed and says it's bad for the baby (she's really kissing up to Louisa and has it out for Martin, it seems).

Marigold thinks it's perfectly normal to eat roadkill, so she keeps bringing it back to the kitchen like it's a delicacy. It's a bit strange, but Bert likes her so much that he just goes with it. More on this later.

PC Penhale (John Marquez) stops by Martin's for blood work. Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) is about to draw his blood when Martin dismisses her and does the job himself. He manages to keep a straight face the whole time, staring right at the blood. Progress!

Molly stops by Louisa's house with a home birthing pool. She says hospitals aren't safer when it comes to childbirth, adding that doctors are men who think pregnancy is just a disease. She also throws in how water is a "feminine element." Louisa is uncomfortable, but Molly keeps pushing it anyway.

Nonplussed by Louisa's lack of enthusiasm, Molly makes her watch home birth videos and has her sit in the pool to a get a feel for what it would be like. Of course, Martin walks in and sees her in the pool and loses it. He's also found out that Louis hasn't been taking her medication.

Molly's anti-male feelings are contagious though, and Louisa goes off on Martin.

Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole) stops by the practice to tell Martin that Louisa is looking tired and he should keep an eye on her. At school, she has the shivers and isn't feeling well. Instead of going to the pharmacy, she calls Molly for help. Not the best idea, eh?

Her infection hasn't gotten any better and she doesn't seem like she's in good shape, but Molly thinks the male dominated medical system keeps women suppressed, so she won't allow Louisa to use any normal avenues (like going to talk to Martin) to get better.

Martin stop by Joan's to tell her about the lunch he's having in Truro to talk about the fancy hospital job he wants. He says he's getting better about blood, and really thinks he can handle the new title.

Joan's happy for him, but asks if Louisa knows about his London prospects. She wonders about how much Martin will be in his child's life, adding that Louisa can't be the last to find out about the job.

Louisa ends up with a fever of 103. Her infection moves to her kidneys, and naturally Martin is livid when he finds out. Molly calls her a victim, which only annoys Louisa. She kicks Molly out and says Martin is great doctor.

He about to spring the news of the potential job, when a patient runs into Louisa's to tell Martin her baby is very sick. Nothing is wrong with the kid (why would there actually be a problem, right?) she's just not the brightest.

Bert visit's Marigold when she doesn't come to work because her husband's getting sicker. He decides to make a house delivery with her birthday gift and when he gets there he sees how poorly Marigold's husband, Michael (Andrew Greenough), is doing.

Bert calls Martin to get his opinion on what to do, when Michael wanders out and falls down the stairs.

Martin misses the lunch because he has to tend to the emergency.

When he gets to Marigold's, her husband is on the floor, burning up. He goes into the kitchen for gloves, only to discover a bunch of hanging roadkill in the pantry. They're eating infected meat, which is why her husband is sick and she's showing symptoms as well.

Later on, Louisa stops by Martin's apartment, feeling much better. She apologizes for not taking the antibiotics and for being rude.

He tries to tell her about London again, but he's interrupted by Edith. Louisa overhears the news about the job, and quickly leaves acting like she doesn't know anything.

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