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Recap for 'Doc Martin,' Episode Nineteen: 'The Admirer'

Previously on "Doc Martin"

In the last episode, "City Slickers," Martin and Louisa dealt with the neighbors from hell while trying to nurture their budding romance. These quirky newcomers annoy Martin, especially when he finds out how hands-off they are when it comes to parenting. You know it's bad when even Louisa can't handle them. Martin also discovered that P.C. Penhale is agoraphobic, in addition to his problems with narcolepsy. He wanted to report Penhale, but after a chat with Joan he realizes people (like himself) can have phobias and still manage to work.

This week's episode: "The Admirer"
Written by: Dominic Minghella and Jack Lothian
Directed by: Ben Bolt

Love is in the air in this week's episode of "Doc Martin." Martin's (Martin Clunes) practice could use a bit of sprucing up, so a new man in town, Edward (Justin Salinger), is hired to paint the place. Joan (Stephanie Cole) stops by and mentions to Edward that her place also needs a bit of painting, so she recruits him for the job.

After she heads into the practice, Martin tells Joan her test results are in and she does indeed have osteoporosis. She's seems pretty torn up about it and doesn't want the implant that will help her, but she gets it anyway after a bit of a haranguing from Martin.

There's also a new woman in town: Carrie Wilson (Louise Delamere). She works at the Wilson Hotel. (Imagine that). Carrie comes to the office thinking she has M.S. because she diagnosed herself on the Internet .(I hear doctors love that.) She also seems to have a little bit of a crush on Martin, and offers to buy him lunch. (Oh no she didn't! That's Louisa's (Caroline Catz) man! Louisa just doesn't know it yet.) Side note: She also has a little dog that Martin, naturally, hates.

Al (Joe Absolom) is back, ya'll. He also happens to be breaking into his former house, when P.C. Penhale (John Marquez) sees him. Of course, Penhale doesn't know who Al is because he's new to town. But Al doesn't know about his father's new restaurant or anything about a change of location, so they're both a bit lost. They finally sort it out, and Penhale takes Al to see his dad. Bert and Al make up, but there seems to be a bit of tension with Mick (Joseph Morgan) Uh oh.

Joan, meanwhile, is pretty melancholy when Edward the painter arrives. We learn that he went to art school, and he does painting gigs to make money. After noticing how sad Joan is, he offers to paint a portrait of her. Noticeably upset, she declines the offer and kicks him out, which is not exactly the expected response. She assumes he's buttering her up to charge hundreds, but he wanted to do it as a gift. He tries to comfort her, when she starts to cry... and things get weird from there.

Martin comes by Joan's to drop off pamphlets that she may find useful and walks in on his aunt and Edward going at it. (No one should ever have to see their aunt in that capacity.) He leaves -- quickly -- like any person would.

Mentally scarred, he keeps picturing the encounter while he's driving home. He almost drives into Carrie, but luckily he stops short. Louisa sees the whole thing fro the street corner and tries to help, but Carrie is into Martin and ignores her. Louisa is uncomfortable -- understandably so. Martin drops Carrie off at her house after the whole "sorry I almost ran into you" incident. She tries to get him to come in by hitting on him and lying about being in shock. She then proceeds to give him a kiss on the cheek, because Martin is all about being buttered up by annoying women, right?

After she leaves and goes back inside, she runs back out and tells Martin Edward is having a seizure at the hotel.


Later on, Joan brings Martin some food as a peace offering. It's pretty awkward.

She says she's going to make the most of life and that she wants to talk about her relationship with Edward so Martin isn't as uncomfortable with it. He blames the implant for hormonal imbalance and says Edward has an Oedipal complex.

She claims he has no room to judge because he wants everyone to be as lonely and miserable as her is.

"Osteoporosis and sexual intercourse on kitchen tables don't mix," Martin replies. Bazinga!

Carrie is at the pharmacy looking for something to help with her stomach, but she apparently needs a prescription for what she's looking for. She acts like she and Martin are chummy when Mrs. Tishell (Selina Cadell) brings up how testy he can be about giving out prescriptions. (What's up with the weird women invading Portwenn?) Louisa, of course, walks in and hears a bit of the conversation. Once Carrie leaves, Mrs. Tishell tells Louisa that Martin should avoid that "harpy."

Al visits Pauline (Katherine Parkinson) at the office. At first, she says she won't speak with him because he only called once while he was off in Africa. He tells her he came back because missed her, and that's enough to do the trick. She kisses him and they make up. (Where's the "That was easy!" button when you need it?)

Al asks Martin for sleeping pills because he thinks he has jetlag. Martin notes that Uganda is only three hours ahead of Portwenn, so there's no way he's that jetlagged. But wait, there's more! Al is also far more pale than someone who spent months in Africa should be. He finally admits that he wasn't really having fun out there -- he worked awful hours in a bottle factory there because his stuff was stolen. He earned money to get back home. Poor Al.

Mrs. Wilson calls Martin yet again. He heads over to the hotel because she says she's having chest issues, claiming that her heart was pounding and fluttering, but her pulse is strong and regular. Martin is not amused, and once he finds out she's had a bunch of caffeine he's livid. Obviously her high caffeine intake could cause her to feel palpitations. Later on, she comes back to his practice...with the shaggy dog. Her pup is a pedigree dog, she notes, and she doesn't want them mating. He tries to explain that it's not his pet and that he in fact hates dogs in general, but she doesn't seem to get it.

Edward shows up at the practice; his EEG results arrived and they show he doesn't have epilepsy. He explains to Martin that two years ago he had depression and erectile dysfunction, and that he still gets bouts of sadness because his mom died recently. (Explains his interest in Joan, eh?)

All the while, Pauline is worried about Al. She doesn't know what really happened while he was gone, and Martin accidentally spills. She calls Al immediately because she's so worried. He passes while out on the phone, but she thinks he hung up so she goes to see him, only to find him knocked out on the floor.

Louisa visits Martin at work. She says she's going to Penhale's party and asks him to go along. Surprisingly, Martin says he'll go, but she's picking a fight over how he was so willing to attend, and it should be obvious to anyone watching that it's because of Carrie. Thankfully, he gets an emergency call from Pauline and their mini-tiff is cut short. Al wakes up, but isn't feeling well. He was bitten by an insect in Africa, he says, and Martin suspects Al has east African sleeping sickness. He should be fine after some injections; it's nothing fatal.

As Martin is leaving, he runs over Carrie's tiny dog (so depressing). He ends up wrapping the pup in a newspaper and takes it with him to Penhale's shindig.

Edward is passed out at the hotel during Penhale's party. Joan runs and grabs Martin, and he discovers that Edward has been taking too much of his E.D. medication -- a side effect of which is seizures. Martin later apologizes for the Oedipus remark he made to Joan, but she says it's ok because he was right about Edward.

Once Martin finds Carrie at the party, he explains how he accidentally killed her dog. (There really is no way of putting that delicately). Despite the morose news, he decides to add how it is her responsibility to dispose of the animal. Understably, she slaps him.

Louisa is there to take care of him and offers to get ice for his face. She invites him to a charity music event, and once again he accepts. He goes in a for a kiss on the forehead or top of the head -- can't be sure which, because he's awkward about it --and Louisa turns into his and knocks her head into his mouth.

All is well again between the two strange lovebirds.

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