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"e2" is a series about the economies of being environmentally conscious. Shot in high definition with cinematic lenses, "e2" chronicles global efforts to solve pressing ecological challenges. From energy consumption to design efficiency, policy to industry, the series documents the innovators whose work is reducing humans' impact on the environment. Interviews with experts, policymakers and pioneers across a variety of disciplines offer a firsthand account of the complex environmental challenges that we face, as well as the possibility that pragmatic solutions are within reach.
Thursday May 28 at 1:00AM on KCETLINK
Thursday May 28 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Saturday May 30 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Sunday May 31 at 8:00AM on KCETLINK
Sunday May 31 at 12:00PM on KCETLINK
Tuesday June 2 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Thursday June 4 at 1:00AM on KCETLINK
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