Earth Focus
Nov 5

Coastlines, Coal Controversy, and Climate Change

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The new Indonesian law may open the world's largest coastline to commercial development. At stake -- fragile coastal ecosystems and the lives and livelihood of the people who depend on them. As demand for coal grows, mountaintop coal removal in the Appalachian Mountains becomes more controversial. Battle for the Mountains profiles the polarization of communities in West Virginia where coal extraction keeps people employed but at great peril to the environment. Ninety nine percent of Ethiopians don't have access to electricity. But solar energy is changing all that. In the rural Ethiopian village of Rema, solar power is helping promote health, education and economic growth. Filmmaker Jennifer Readfearn on her new film Sun Come Up which tells the story of New Guinea's Carteret Islanders who are forced to move to Bougainville, a land torn by civil war, to escape the rising seas. The Islanders are among the world's first climate change refugees. Protrack Episode Number: 32