Germany's Nuremberg Christmas Market

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In this edition: Book artist Su Blackwell, demons of the Alps, gearing up for the slopes with high-tech equipment, a ballet clothes company makes pret-à-porter, and the world famous Nuremberg Christmas Market. Book Artist - Su Blackwell's clients include Vogue Germany and Harper's Bazaar. We visit her in her London studio to find out more about her work. Demons of the Alps - A new book by German photographer Carsten Peter looks at the mystical characters and stories behind creatures and demons living in Alpine regions. In his photographic ensemble, he explores various wintertime traditions, including why horrifying masked figures parade around Alpine villages at night. High-Tech on the Alps - Just because you're high up on the ski slopes in the Alps doesn't mean you have to forego being connected to the rest of the world. Many resorts are now outfitting the pistes with Wi-Fi and with slope-specific apps to help skiers navigate better. Ballet Brand - The Paris shoe manufacturer Repetto is famous for its ballet shoes. Rudolf Nureyev, Maurice Bejart and Carolyn Carson are just a few of the famous names to don Repetto slippers. But now the company has prepared a clothing line that's fit for everyday use. Nuremberg Christmas Market - The Christmas market in Nuremberg is one of the most famous worldwide. It attracts around two million visitors from both home and abroad every year.