Air Conditioning for a Glacier

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Italy: "Suspended" pizza - In Naples, restaurants are returning to a very old tradition: customers get to eat pizzas another customer has paid for in advance. That makes "going out to eat" possible for people on low budgets. Italians can be very generous. They occasionally buy a coffee or pizza "sospeso", paying for two items, but consuming only one, leaving the other as an anonymous charitable donation for a poorer customer. The tradition existed sixty years ago when the young Sophia Loren baked pizza in a film, encouraging potential customers by saying they could eat now and pay in eight days. Decades later, the sospeso has returned as a sign of solidarity in the economic crisis. Britain: Sex abuse ring convicted - The city of Oxford has made headlines with the conviction and sentencing of a gang that groomed underage English girls with alcohol and drugs and forced them into prostitution. Five of the seven men have Pakistani Muslim roots. The other two had North African backgrounds. They targeted white, vulnerable, non-Muslim underage girls. Many in the perpetrators' and victims' proximity knew about the traffickers, but remained silent. The topic of Muslim perpetrators and non-Muslim victims, with its implications of racism, faces taboos in Britain. More than 50 such child grooming gangs are currently being investigated. Innocent Muslims from Oxford feel they've been unjustifiably placed under general suspicion. Switzerland: Air conditioning for a glacier - Global warming threatens more and more mountainous regions in Switzerland. In Herbriggen in the Matter Valley in the canton of Valais, residents are frightened. Instead of babbling mountain brooks, the glacier is delivering rock fragments. A huge rock fall threatens the village. Residents of Engelberg in central Switzerland fear tourists could stop visiting their glacier, so they're coming up with creative ideas. A grotto carved into the Mount Titlis glacier is to be artificially cooled with an air conditioning system, and if necessary the mountain summit is to be covered with snow all year round. Greece: The governing parties help themselves - The two major Greek parties, PASOK and Nea Dimokratía, are no role models for the country's citizens. Private households are expected to save money while the parties go deep into debt. Staff report unpaid wages, layoffs and rental arrears. What many Greeks find especially annoying is that, as collateral for generous bank loans, the parties have put up their state funding for the coming elections. There are also said to be irregularities in the granting of loans, especially by banks that are strongly influenced or controlled by the parties. The governing parties now want to grant all bank managers who extend loans to the parties immunity from prosecution. Series: Europe on the Edge/Georgia: Boom town on the Black Sea - The seaside resort of Batumi is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Since the border to Turkey has been opened, increasing numbers of tourists are arriving - day and night. On Batumi's waterfront promenade, billions are currently being invested in hotels, night clubs and casinos. That attracts visitors from the entire region, from Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan. But most of the male tourists come from Turkey to experience in Georgia what is forbidden to them at home. The resort and the Turkish consul general are facing a very new challenge.