Greece's million refugees are considered undesirables

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Kosovo: A Controversial Release - Next summer, the EU Commission hopes to begin talks with Kosovo about an association agreement. One of the conditions of that agreement is that Kosovo must reconcile its differences with neighboring Serbia. But a draft Kosovo amnesty law is causing controversy. The law would grant an amnesty to about 40, 000 Serbs who'd worked for illegal Serbian institutions in the region -- including the police and the judiciary. But there will also be an amensty for Kosovo Albanians convicted of various crimes. Journalists and intellectuals are accusing the government of using the amnesty to avoid responsibility for some serious accusations. The amnesty may also include criminals who are now under investigation by the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in Kosovo. The mission's primary goal is to work with Kosovo authorities to help root out corruption and organized crime. Series: Europe on the Edge - Part 3: Spain - La Gomera: Publicly-funded Burials: La Gomera is one of the Canary islands -- Spanish territory that lies off the northwest coast of Africa. The local authorities have taken an unusual approach to funerals: they're paid for with public funds. More than ten years ago, all the local residents were given burial insurance. That's rare in Europe, and especially in Spain -- where funerals, cremations, coffins and funeral flowers cost a lot of money. But as Spain struggles with its economic crisis, some are asking whether public money for burials might be put to better use. Greece: Hoping for Asylum - Greece is still reeling from the effects of the international financial crisis -- and no-one knows that better than the poorest of the poor in Greece: those who've sought asylum there. People from Syria or Afghanistan make their way to Greece via Turkey -- and hope to be accepted by other EU countries. But the Greek Coast Guard treats these people not as asylum-seekers, but as illegal immigrants. A number of boats filled with refugees have capsized off the Greek coast, a number of those on board drowned. The international human rights organization Amnesty International has accused the Greek police and coast guard of systematic violations of EU law, for their active pursuit and deportation of refugees. Greece grants asylum to only about one-percent of all refugees on its territory. That's the lowest figure in the EU. Turkey: The Rocking Imam - An imam from the mountains around Kaş has an unusual role model: the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Now the cleric is founding his own band with two old rockers, and singing about his love of Allah and Muslim mysticism. In his 'normal' life as an imam, he takes care of a small village congregation not far from the city of Antalya. He likes to break with convention. For example, he married a Christian woman. That cost him his job temporarily on one occasion. But the religious authorities have actually shown some tolerance for his rock music. The imam wants to use that music to transform the image of his profession.