Discovery of a Subterranean Hideout from the Nazis

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Bosnia: How Ethnic Division is Crippling Business - Rival ethnic groups in Bosnia refusing to agree on agricultural regulations have left many farmers there unable to sell their products. For years, Croatia has been Bosnia and Herzegovina's most important trading partner, particularly in the meat and dairy industries. Now Bosnian companies are facing bankruptcy, as rival ethnic groups refuse to co-operate with authorities. The country does not even have a department of agriculture. That's causing problems with the EU, which insists on co-operating solely on the national, rather than regional level. Ukraine: Discovery of a Subterranean Hideout - An American spelunker has stumbled upon a very special cave in Ukraine. During the Second World War, two Jewish families used it to hide from the Nazis for a year and a half. The two families lived in the caverns - without sunlight, and in constant fear of discovery by the Nazis - for exactly 511 days. The families left the region after the war, taking their story with them. Decades later, the American caver discovered their refuge. And he was able to discover more about this extraordinary tale of survival from the survivors' descendants. Sweden: The Last of the Lanthandel - Going shopping in Sweden's far-flung rural areas can mean hours on the road. The Lanthandel - little general stores - have traditionally met country-dwellers' basic needs. But over the past decade, a good third of these small businesses have closed up shop. Now EU subsidies are planned to help counter this trend. The Lanthandel, or general store, is most often the center of community life, in many ways taking the place of the village pub. It sells fresh produce, household goods and tools. It serves as a post office and even a pharmacy. But as young people migrate to the cities in search of jobs, their clienteles are dwindling. EU subsidies and fiber optic cables, however, are bringing many of these little shops into the modern age. Now, customers can even do their banking or submit building applications at the Lanthandel. France: Combating Jellyfish - The ecology of the Mediterranean is changing rapidly. Vast blooms of jellyfish are clogging the coastlines. Severe overfishing has led to favorable breeding conditions for these marine creatures. The Mediterranean coasts of Spain, Italy and France are bracing for invasions of jellies. The tourist hub of Cannes has deployed floating yellow booms off its beaches much like the ones used to contain oil spills. Anti-jellyfish nets are an added precaution. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has another idea: simply put the jellyfish on the menu.