Europe's Largest Man-Made Nature Reserve

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Bosnia-Herzegovina: The rescued books of Sarajevo - Sarajevo's national library was a symbol of the city. Destroyed during the Bosnian war, it's now been rebuilt. But the books are still in temporary storage. When the magnificent building burned down after being hit by Serb mortar shells, the pictures went around the world. Now the building is standing again, funded by the EU, but it will be used only as a town hall. In ethnically-divided Bosnia, where every national symbol is controversial, many politicians would find a national library inconvenient. Greece: Break dancing against the far right - After the arrest of a right-wing extremist for the murder of a rapper, members of the Athens hip-hop scene are taking up arms of a sort. Their weapons are music and dance. "WaveOmatics" is a young Greek break-dance group with high ambitions. They practice on the streets in the middle of the old city center because they can't afford professional rehearsal space, and they earn a bit of extra money in doing so. The young artists are regularly confronted by violent thugs from the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which is said to be behind the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas. Britain: Landmark Project - What does UK's bird protection society have in common with the railways? They're both building the largest artificial nature reserve of its type in Europe. Eight gigantic drilling machines have been tunneling through sand and gravel 30 meters under London for months, working on a huge project to create a new rail service for the city and its outlying suburbs. At the request of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the excavated earth is ending up on Wallasea Island, on the Essex coast, which is being transformed to recreate its ancient landscape of salt-water mud flats and marshland, in order to protect the coast from flooding and replace natural tidal habitats. It's already proving a haven for tens of thousands of rare water birds. Czech Republic: Stealing urns from cemeteries - The cases of non-ferrous metal theft in the Czech Republic are multiplying. Everything is stolen, from manhole covers to entire railway bridges.