Russia's Richest Billionaire Putin Denies Wealth

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Russia: Putin's Wealth - Putin has always maintained he wants to put an end to corruption and graft in Russia. But allegations about his own luxury lifestyle have gathered momentum in recent years. Putin has reportedly amassed $40 billion, making him the wealthiest man in Russia. He owns a property worth $1 billion alone on the Black Sea coast near Sotchi, which is set to host the Winter Olympics in 2014. Putin himself insists he is a man of modest means and denies the rumors of his astonishing wealth.Turkey/Greece: Return to Gokceada - Imroz was an island in the Aegean Sea that belonged to Greece - until the Treaty of Lausanne officially changed its name to Gokceada and it became Turkish. Its villages went to rack and ruin and Turkey is now trying to get Greek families to return. Massive scale persecution against the local Greek population started in the early 1960s and in 1970, the name İmroz was officially changed to Gokceada. Now there's been a government decision to reopen a Greek minority school there. The trouble is, the classrooms are empty.Slovakia: Getting Lucky and Fighting Tax Fraud - The Slovakian finance minister has come up with a novel way of boosting VAT revenue: the public can enter a free lottery every time they pay value-added tax. The scheme has made it impossible for retailers to embezzle money - because customers now insist on sales receipts even when all they're doing is buying bread rolls. It's an efficient way of tackling tax fraud - and the first lucky winner has already scooped 10,000 euros.Denmark: Rettung am Oresund - One of the only happy ends in World War II history: 70 years ago this month, almost 8000 Jews managed to escape Nazi-occupied Denmark by setting sail to neighboring Sweden. Across a period of several days, Danish fishermen transported thousands of refugees from Denmark to Sweden, across the Oresund strait. Almost the entire Jewish population of Denmark managed to escape. The rescue was made possible by a German diplomat who warned the Jewish community to leave. A few of them returned to the scene of their escape for the first time this year.Poland: Gravity Anomaly - A remote road rest area in Poland has become host to a unique phenomenon: bottles and cars rolling up hill instead of downhill. The earth's gravitational pull appears to have been simply suspended at this location. Bottles start to roll uphill of their own accord - but why? There are various theories being bandied about to explain this "gravity anomaly". Some observers believe it is the work of witches and trolls. There are also, however, rather simple physical explanations for the phenomenon, such as subterranean water veins.