Greedy for Greenland's Resources

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France: A Region Rebels - Thousands of Bretons are protesting against the government in Paris. Brittany's farmers, in particular, feel their country has let them down. Their protests have now spread through the entire region. The town of Carhaix-Plouguer sparked the protest against a planned eco-tax, to be levied on heavy trucks carrying goods on public roads. After demonstrations spread throughout the country, the tax was put on hold. Then farmers from Carhaix-Plouguer began smashing eggs in public to protest low prices and new EU norms on hen houses. The Bretons blame the demise of farming and the economy as a whole on the government of President Francois Hollande.Latvia: Military Relics Fall into Ruin - Most Latvians would prefer to forget the days in which their country was occupied by Soviet troops. To this day, it's still a source of tension between Russia and the Baltic state. Russian troops withdrew from Latvia two decades ago, leaving behind a legacy of the Soviet occupation -- including bunkers, naval ports and satellite stations. Many of these have since been destroyed. Two photographers -- one Latvian, the other Russian -- have made it their mission to document the decay of the remaining infrastructure. They hope their pictures will help to rekindle debate about their nations' shared past.Greenland: Race for Underground Resources - A wealth of raw materials lies in wait under Greenland's ice sheet. Gold, titanium, rare earths and uranium are fuelling the debate over Greenland's independence from Denmark. Greenland boasts one of the biggest supplies of rare earths and other minerals in the world. The North Atlantic territory does not have the financial means to mine the resources itself, however. The result has been a race among other nations eager to invest in Greenland. China is offering the local government around (euro)180m to expand its infrastructure. The EU is talking of investing (euro)218m. Denmark, which the autonomous territory belongs to, is hearing growing opposition to close links between Greenland and China.The government in Copenhagen must bear in mind, however, that raw material issues such as mining licenses are now matters for the island itself to decide since it gained greater autonomy in 2009.Bosnia: Love in Srebrenica - A family from Srebrenica is proof that Muslims and Serbs can live together peacefully in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In July of 1995, the town of Srebrenica witnessed some of the worst crimes committed on European soil since the Second World War. More than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were executed here by Serb forces and buried in mass graves. But Srebrenica is also the place where little Jusuf was born. His mother Dusica is a Serb, his father Almir a Bosniak. Their love story has met with hostility from all sides. But the couple remains convinced that love can conquer hate.