Afghan Children Lost In Greece

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Latvia: Media on the leash: Freedom of the press is not in a healthy state in Latvia. Ahead of the elections the oligarchs are trying to gain control of more and more newspapers and TV chanels.Turkey: Modern Housing for Smaller Families: More and more Turks want a nice apartment and just a small family with just two children. Modern developments are under construction on the outskirts of Turkish cities providing for just that need.The Netherlands: Rotterdam, the port of the future: A new harbor is growing out of the sea near Rotterdam. It is taking a huge logistical effort to create an island with a surface area the size of 2400 football fields.Greece: Away from home: No one wants them. Police beat them and politicians look the other way. Lost without hope in a holiday paradise...the Afghan child refugees on the island of Lesbos.Norway: Luxury Prison: No walls, no barbed wire and no guards. The prison island of Bastoy in the fjord of Olso is more like a holiday camp than a prison.