Jul 10

West Virginia - Hillbillies, Coal Miners, Treehuggers, and God

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Fri Jul 10 at 11:00AM on KCETLINK

On April 5, 2010, a massive explosion ripped through Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, leading to the deaths of 29 coal miners. Join host Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the explore team as they enter the heart of Appalachia to meet the community torn apart by the disaster, and learn about their fight to protect the environment and rebuild their way of life.

The heritage of coal mining runs deep in every family in the once-thriving Boone and Raleigh counties, West Virginia. Now going through hard times, every stakeholder has a different belief about coal and how to resurrect the region. But many agree that Marsh Fork Elementary School, sitting below a dam holding back billions of gallons of toxic coal slurry in the town of Sundial, is the site of the next disaster waiting to happen.