Sep 7

The Flying Stars

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Sat Sep 13 at 8:00PM on KCET-HD

Colonel Adams learns that his wife Anne-Marie has been drinking again and tells her that he wants a divorce. Meanwhile Lady Felicia discovers that Ruby Adams plans to get engaged to her American tutor John Van Ert but Anne Marie slurs that she won't give permission, sacking John in the process. Father Brown arrives with Mrs McCarthy and is told that the play is cancelled - Anne-Marie is 'unwell'. Yet outside she floats on the surface of the lake, her impressive diamond necklace The Flying Stars sparkling around her neck, eyes staring open...dead. Anne Marie's brother James, who has been living abroad for many years, arrives soon after to surprise the family and is told about the tragic accident. But at the wake, Father Brown discovers blood on an oar and deduces that they have a murderer in their midst..

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