Fine Cut


About the Film

C.R.I.T. is a documentary short that gives a small glimpse into life as a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes (C.R.I.T.). With their unique history, the people of this tribe find their identity alongside the Colorado River and by remembering their ancestors who occupied the valley for over a century. By listening to their stories, one gains new insight into the challenges facing Native Americans in trying to reconcile two conflicting forces: maintaining their tribal traditions while living a modern life.

About the Filmmaker

Rachel Keene

Rachel Keene graduated on May of 2008 from LMU's School of Film and Television. C.R.I.T. is her first achievement in the realm of documentary filmmaking. Since it's completion, Rachel has relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in order to pursue her career in non-fiction filmmaking. She is currently working as a Camera Operator for the Aji Network in Los Altos.