Fine Cut

Doodle Beats

About the Film

The Doodle character brings life to the grey world of sketch book scribbles.

About the Filmmaker

Sunha Yoon graduated CalArts in summer of 2008. Her interest in art and science began at home in her early age. She used to draw and paint with her mom and discuss science projects with her dad. Early exposure to art and science leads her to further study in biology and, finally, study in films majoring in Animation at CalArts.

While she was attending CalArts, Sunha made 4 short animated films, which all brought different opportunities and award experiences to her. She's been working as an animator at a motion graphic company and animation studio, July Films. Sunha also participated in developing new products for Swarovski 2009 Lovlots collection. As a member of development team, she designed on of the crystal character products for their 2009 cat collections. Currently she is also working on a documentary film about Chinese Cultural Revolution as an animator.