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Production Credits 2009

TV Credits

Executive In Charge Of Production Mary Mazur
Executive Producer Bohdan Zachary
Written by Bohdan Zachary
Director Jonathan X
Producer Catherine Oser
Host Kevin Kilner
Art Director John Retsek
Production Managers Bettina Bennewitz
Kathy Kasaba
Lighting Designer Mark Engel
Technical Director Mike Corey
Audio Gerry Zelinger
Video Marcus Martinez
VT Operator David Stern
Camera Operator Tom Ancell
Stage Technician Rob Drake
Vice President of Engineering Gordon Bell
Engineering Supervision Roger Terracina
Makeup White Simon
Legal Counsel Susan Reardon
June M. Baldwin
Rights and Clearances Yvonne Johnson
Editors Jack Moody
Show Graphics Joe Hoffman, Jump House Design

Special Thanks

  Jack Larson
Jamie Rigler

Special Advisors

American Film Institute Joe Petricca
Chris Schwartz
P. David Ebersole
Anna Lawton
California Institute of the Arts Steve Anker
Rachelle Katz
Los Angeles Film School Joe Byron
Gabrielle Kelly
Salvador Carrasco
Linda Cowgill
Laurence Rosenthall
Loyola Marymount University Teri Schwartz
Peter Heller
John Syrjamaki
University of California, Los Angeles Robert Rosen
Barbara Boyle
Tom Denove
Sandra Lawton
University of Southern California Sandrine Faucher Cassidy
Allison Melanson

Website Credits

Producer Philip Dunn
Creative Director Philip Dunn
Associate Producers Gwynn Dandridge-Perry
Anna Jordan
Gary Dauphin
Kate Fulton

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