Fine Cut


About the Film

Roses is the interwoven story of two very different women who share a similar experience over the course of one pivotal day in Los Angeles. Rosario is a bright 17-year-old with a promising future, overwhelmed by her responsibility to her family. Jang-Mi, in her forties, is coming-of-age in her own right. She lives comfortably but, finding herself in a stale marriage, realizes that the dream she is living is not her own. Both risk everything to escape the confines of the life they don't want for the men they imagine will bring them happiness. When things do not turn out as planned, a chance encounter helps the two women to realize that all is not lost.

About the Filmmaker

At the age of five Trish saw her path in showbiz carved out before her upon seeing Carol Channing in "Hello, Dolly!". Trish studied acting from that day on (seriously) until she found herself as a theatre student at Northwestern University, where she discovered she preferred telling other people what to do (directing).

At Northwestern, she directed exercises of Artaudian cruelty, original plays, and a couple of musicals while producing, stage managing and artistic directing for Vertigo Productions. After graduating, she headed to Hollywood to "show 'em all how this directing thing is done". But they wanted to show her instead. So she watched from the sidelines while being everything from Editorial PA to Post Coordinator on such features as Jet Li's The One, XXX, Seabiscuit, Bad Santa, and Finding Neverland.

Somewhere in there she spent time in Ohio where she sold cheese at a fancy deli and got a degree in audio engineering while living in a bat-infested apartment in the middle of nowhere. But the urge to direct returned, and thus began the journey to get her MFA in Production at USC. While there, she has directed, written, produced and sound designed a number of films. She continues to explore the human condition and is learning that it can be really humorous.