Fine Cut

The Kolaborator

About the Film

During the conflict in the former Yugoslavia many soldiers were ordered to kill fellow citizens including friends and relatives in the name of patriotism. The Kolaborator follows Goran, 24, a promising young soccer player who becomes a soldier as the war begins. Goran's life transitions from one of a talented athlete to that of an executioner, virtually overnight.

Following orders, Goran lines up civilians, shoots them and drags them into mass graves. Justifying his role as a protector of his people, Goran becomes increasingly detached from the task until his soccer coach and life?long friend, Assim, is led in front of him. As a familiar face stands defeated before him, Goran must reconsider his actions and choose between his own life and that of his friend.

About the Filmmaker

Chris was born in Sudan to Armenian/Egyptian parents. When the Sudanese government was overthrown, Chris and his family fled Africa to start a new life in Australia. After finishing high school, Chris focused on acting and went on to perform in TV and on stage throughout Australia.

While acting, Chris became interested in working behind the camera; documenting and telling stories of his own. He soon began shooting for Self-Raising Flower, a documentary company devoted to promoting youth awareness of global issues. Chris also shot and co-directed a 12-part documentary about the arts in Sydney. In 2004, Chris moved to England where he was an Editor for HBL Media, cutting current affairs programming for British television.

Chris currently lives in Los Angeles and has recently completed his first feature film, "Detached", a psychological thriller which will premiere at the Film Festival which he wrote and directed with Tianna Langham. Chris directed the award-winning short, "The Kolaborator", a 35mm Bosnia war crimes film. "The Kolaborator" is currently screening in film festivals around the world and recently won a British Academy Award for Excellence and a number of other awards including the Best Foreign Film Award from the Sedona International Film Festival, an Outstanding Screenplay Award from the Angelus Film Festival, the Best Short Film Award from the Port Townsend Film Festival and most recently a top prize for "social issues" from 30th Annual Telly Awards.

Chris and Tianna are currently in development on their next two projects, "Guns and Saris", about an untouchable female militia in rural India and "Butcher of Bosnia", a chilling true story set during the war in the Balkans about a notorious general and his daughter.