Fine Cut

18 Minutes

About the Film

The power of love is experienced by a couple entangled in a horrific car accident, a son struggling with his father's decent into madness and another couple mourning the loss of a child, while all unaware that these moments are the last 18 minutes of sunlight on earth.

Director's Statement

Late filmmaker Alexis Echavarria wrote the script for 18 Minutes at the age of 15. The film earned him a Best Screenwriting award from the Idyllwild Arts Academy in 2004. The following year, Alexis filmed 18 minutes with the help of his fellow classmates. He centered his theme on the Plato quote, "Those who have loved or are loved will not walk in darkness," as we see the last 18 minutes in a number of lives before the sun in extinguished.

His film was selected for the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival one week before he returned from Thailand. Since then, 18 Minutes has received several awards in 18 different festivals and venues around the world.

Portrait of Alexis Echavarria.

About the Filmmaker

The life of Alexis Echavarria was short and impactive, like 18 minutes, the film the 16-year-old created and directed. It ended the early morning of Aug. 4, 2005 in Santa Monica, as abruptly as his thought-provoking film.

Alexis had just returned from a four-week sojourn in Thailand, helping the poor and assisting with the tsunami relief effort, when he suddenly died from a heart attack brought on by a bacteria he had picked up while overseas. He had been part of a group of high school students from the Lifeworks International group, who were working at various projects organized by the Duang Prateep Foundation in Thailand.