Fine Cut

Cowboys and Indians

About the Film

"Cowboys & Indians" is the story of 9 year-old Billy Redfern, a child who wants nothing more than to be a cowboy. When his illusion of the west, and more importantly Native Americans, is challenged by a man claiming to be "Indian," Billy confronts and eventually befriends the one thought to be his enemy; a former resident of Porbandar, India.

Director's Statement

The core story came to me while I was driving to Bakersfield from Los Angeles, about a year before I ever even started to write the script. Everything else, all the little details and ideas, the parallels between east and west Indians, the Gandhian stuff, were all developed during the writing process.

I wrote the script. Only did a couple of drafts. And then I began to nest. I generally do not storyboard, or plan any visual stuff. I just show up, and use what I have nested in my mind to make the movie. One thing I did work very hard on in pre-production was casting. We casted for months, trying to find the right actors for the film. Once that was done, everything just sort of fell into place.

About the Filmmaker

Portrait of George Valos.

George Valos is a Greek-American writer-director-producer from Bakersfield, Calif. His professional career began as a Technician for massive media conglomerate Univision in his hometown. Upon moving to San Francisco, George was introduced to the world of live production, where it took him only two years to become director for the Bay Area's number one newscast. He directed hundreds of shows before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a Master's Degree in Film at Loyola Marymount University, completing his degree in 2010. In addition to his extensive experience in television, George has also worked for some of Hollywood's finest producers. Currently, George works as a commercial director for Fisher Communications, creating commercials, from concept to delivery, for FOX and CBS in Kern County. His work airs throughout Central and Southern California.

As a filmmaker, George is a multi-award winning director of both narrative and documentary films. He has produced a multitude of award winning short films, and co-produced the festival favorite Falling Overnight, a feature film shot in 14 days around Los Angeles. He has written 2 feature films, and is steady at work on two more; "On The Flipside," a story about an old-school radio DJ, and the conflict that arises out of the changing technological landscape of the radio industry. The second is an untitled psychological thriller, centering on the mysterious disappearances of the families of three life-long friends.