Fine Cut


About the Film

Herman Freck is a CFO, and he has done something bad. His company is on the brink of collapse, his assistant is freaking out, his wife will not stop calling, and The FBI are after him. Little do they know that Herman has snuck away to the airport, and the only thing delaying his escape is the one hour wait until his flight to Zurich boards. That is, until "something else" begins to stalk him. An hour of waiting becomes a desperate struggle for sanity and survival as Herman discovers that boarding this plane is the only way to escape, but can he?

Director's Statement

Although many challenges kept coming our way, we always made the best of them and came out on top every time. Even though every member of the team has moved on to new challenges in their careers, the experience that we endured together has well prepared us for whatever lies ahead.

About the Filmmaker

Portrait of David Craig Herman.

Growing up in Albuquerque New Mexico, director David Craig Herman discovered his love of filmmaking at a very young age. Making small experimental short films in his home as a teenager provided a continuous outlet and source of wonderment. Receiving his bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico in Journalism with a minor in photography in the fall of 2004 David began working as a production assistant for feature film projects in New Mexico. He then made, "Silenced" with the intent of admission into a graduate program in order to continue his goals of becoming a professional visual storyteller. In the fall of 2007 David began studies as a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory. In the fall of 2009 David and a team of his peers completed their thesis project, "Delayed" and received his MFA in Film Production. The film is making its way through the festival circuit. He continues to write and direct music videos, short films, and develop feature projects that will challenge and entertain audiences.