Fine Cut

The Other Side

About the Film

An artistic film that revolves around the lives and loves of two teenagers.

Director's Statement

Being a part of the making of "The Other Side" was a gift wrapped in some cold nights and unfortunate setbacks. I was lucky enough to be the leader of a team that has created a beautiful film. I would like to thank that team. As for the movie, it was a learning process, one that has created an eloquent love story. Enjoy!

Interesting Story About Shoot

Several significant scenes take place in the rain, as the director was adamant that rain was an essential ingredient for the films emotional content. We couldn't bank on the weather cooperating, and a special affects rain tower was not in the budget, so Luke Sherman (a junior in the film department at the time) was commissioned to construct a homemade rain machine. Using 2x4s and garden hose, Luke made it rain on queue in the middle of February. This resulted in one of the most physically challenging film shoots Idyllwild has ever done, and produced one of the most visually striking films in the history of Idyllwild Arts.