Fine Cut

Ida y Vuelta

About the Film

The customs of an American airport places a mother and her son in a revealing situation when his luggage is inspected. Forced to deal with their past, they come to a point where lying to each other is no longer an option.

Director's Statement

I found the seed for IDA Y VUELTA reading an article about an American professor who traveled to China to give a lecture at the University of Beijing. He couldn't pass the Chinese customs because he was HIV positive and he had to be deported. By then, I was looking for a story about rejection. I imagined a son suffering from not being understood by his mother and I thought that placing this couple in the situation that the American professor lived was a perfect combination. The rejection from the mother added to the rejection from the society and the Government made the experience much more painful. I decided to change China for the USA when I found out that there was the same discriminatory law in America. Also the production was going to be simpler, since I live in Los Angeles. I chose the mother and the son to be from a non-English speaking country so he was the one who had to confront his mother. I picked Spain because I'm from there.

About the Filmmaker

Born in Salamanca, Spain in 1982, from an early age David felt a strong passion for
storytelling. During his first two years of college, he studied Mass Media Communication in the University of Salamanca and worked for the local newspaper. In 2002, he won an
Erasmus scholarship to study in Munich - at the Ludwig-Maximiliam Universität - for a year. After his return to Spain he moved to Barcelona in 2003 where he finished his Bachelor's degree. This city would open his eyes to the art of filmmaking. From 2003 to 2006 he shot three short films with renown Spanish actors and worked for Pedro Almodovar's Production Company.

In June 2006 he won a scholarship from a Spanish Foundation to study in the USA. He started the Directing Program at UCLA Film School in September 2006. For his first film in English "The breakfast" he worked with the two-time Tony award winning actress Cherry Jones. In August 2008 he screened his next movie "Portrait of a couple" at Palm Springs Short Film Festival and sold the broadcast rights to LOGO - the gay TV channel of MTV networks -. In September 2008 he finished his most recent film "Ida y vuelta" (Round trip) starred by Maria Conchita Alonso and Eloy Azorin.