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About the Film

In a small village, a young boy and his family struggle to grow tomatoes red enough and juicy enough to be made into ketchup. After doing a favor for a mysterious stranger, the young boy learns an important lesson... but is it too late?

About the Filmmaker


Wenchung Lu, the youngest of his family, was born and raised in the rural area of North Taiwan known as "Ko-lin" or "Fruit valley." As one might suspect, his childhood memories include playing with friends, chickens, and frogs on the family rice and vegetable farm. But ever since his father taught him to illustrate a bird, using a single stroke, Wenchung has been inspired to draw.

During his four years of school at CalArts, he made several major short films including "The Shoes", "The Ringmaster", "Secret Piano" and "Ketchup." All of them received a variety of film festival recognition around the world including the Golden Award in the Taiwan International Animation Festival and a finalist in the 33rd Student Academy Awards in the United States.

In 2008 he graduated from CalArts and continued pursuing his career in animation. In the short time after graduating he was already working in several major studios, on projects such as Robot Chicken, FlapJack and Chowder.

According to Wenchung, "animation was a good choice because it can entertain, appeal universally, and transcend differences in the human condition. It melds my ability to draw, design, sculpt, and direct art production with new skills. To know someone felt, thought and reacted to my work in their unique way, is a profound reward."


omg this video is sooooo amazing i have watched it about 20 times and it is still scary! im in video production class in high school right now and i hope to make something as good as this. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!! You can do better than me!! watch more go to

It was quite an entertaining production. Good job there Wenchung Lu. I would look forward to seeing any other work you may come to create in the future. Good job.

Thank you for positive comment. I’m sure that you will see my other new films very soon. Here is my website: you can check out more information here. Thank you for supporting KCET Fine Cut student films.

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