Fine Cut


About the Film
I'm late to school because I got kidnapped in the morning!

Director's Statement
I wrote this story on the bus to school in the morning but I was already late then. Since I had a hard time finding an excuse, I wished that someone could jump in front of me and kidnap me...

About the Filmmaker
Sijia Luo is a MFA student in animation in the film department at the University of California, Lose angeles(UCLA). Five of her comic stories have been published in China by the Chinese Art & Publication Group(2002), Beijing Publication House Group(2004-2005), and Shanghai Animation and Film Studio(2005). Additionally, she won the Special Award- Japanese Ambassador Award in the Beijing Film Academy Comics Competition and because of that, she went to Japan as a visiting student to in 2006. At the same time, her comics "I am Queen Like"got the Outstanding Medium- length comic Award in China. Furthermore, her film "Kidnap" has been screened in Poland, France China and USA in many festivals and gets some awards. Luo is interested in the 2D computer animation and good at watercolor and gouache painting. Besides, she had one year experience as an animation teacher at China Youth University of Political Science at 2007.