Fine Cut

Overnight Stay

About the Film

Do you think people are naturally good or bad? - It is the meditation on this question that generated the main story in this hand drawn and painted animated documentary film. The story is a memory of an 83 year old woman who is recalling one particular night in 1941, in Krakow, Poland, when she was 17 years old. It is in this night, amidst the terrible days of the Holocaust and the Second World War, that she experienced interactions with strangers that manifest both the worst and best in people.

About the Filmmaker

Daniela Sherer was born in Tel Aviv, and was raised both in Israel and in Munich, Germany. Always fascinated by the visual arts, Daniela feels lucky to have found the world of animation. She has found that as an art form, animation allows her to combine two of her great loves: drawing and filmmaking.

In 2009, Daniela graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Animation and Digital Arts from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She looks forward to continuing to create and study animated film.