Fine Cut

Piece of Cake

Director's Statement
"Piece of Cake" was inspired by a story of a friend of my family who went one time to a public diner and ate someone else's food by mistake while the person was away to the restroom. The film is also a commentary about the hardship of the middle class person living off food coupons and cheap diners in the city with a funny twist to it.

About the Filmmaker
Eliza Ivanova is a BFA4 student at CalArts, majoring in character animation. She is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue her education and career in animation, as well as film. Eliza has a eight-year background in fine arts and aims to blend her painting skills with motion picture. She is greatly interested in mixed media techniques combined with quirky subject matter regarding cultural misconceptions, absurdity, and irony when dealing with the social moral.