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Q&A: 'My Light Has Gone' Director Jason Kummerfeldt

My Light Has Gone

"My Light Has Gone" is an animated short written and directed by Jason Kummerfeldt. The film will air as part of the 2014 edition of "Fine Cut," KCET's 17th annual festival of student films.

Jason Kummerfeldt

Here, we speak with Jason about how his dreams inspired the concept behind his film.

Jason Kummerfeldt's Bio:

Jason Kummerfeldt was born and raised in Novato, Calif. and ever since he saw "Star Wars" at the young age of four, he knew his passion was telling stories. As he grew up, he experimented in the world of animation and visual effects as a way of unlocking further means to tell a story. Today, Jason resides in Los Angeles and works in Hollywood as a visual effects producer.

Q&A with Jason Kummerfeldt:

Describe how the idea for this film originated.

The idea for this film came from a dream I had a couple years ago. The dream was significantly different, but many symbols and concepts are utilized in the film. I guess I'm more imaginative in my sleep than when I'm awake.

How/When did you decide you wanted to be a filmmaker?

I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker when I first saw "Star Wars" and fell in love with the wonder of storytelling.

What influences have inspired your work?

I think I draw influence from a lot of the paintings and work of some of my favorite artists like Francis Bacon, Jesse Peper, Peter Milton, and Andrew Baines.

My Light Has Gone

Name you top three favorite films.

My top three favorite films are probably "The Prestige," "500 Days of Summer," and "Cinema Paradiso."

What is next for you?

I'm currently writing a feature film so I'd imagine developing that into production will be my next thing.

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