Fine Cut


About the Film

Jason dreams of taking over the family farming tradition; but when he confides a secret about himself to his youth minister, word spreads and his world unravels. He must reconcile his duty to his family with his own destiny.

Director's Statement

Shattercane reveals a character who risks everything for an ideal. Eighteen-year old Jason must stake his claim to a life where freedom under an open sky also means being bound to the silent land.

About the Filmmaker

Michael Tringe graduated from the M.F.A Film Production program at USC with a focus in writing and directing in December of 2008. The first short film he completed, Dirty Love, premiered at Outfest in 2006 and is currently in worldwide distribution with the Logo Network, Ouat! Media, and Bildkraft Entertainment. In addition to a feature length documentary shot in Beijing, China entitled Will You Really Miss Me? and a narrative short comedy, Guys and Lies. His thesis film at USC, a narrative short drama entitled Shattercane, has played in over twenty festivals worldwide including Palm Springs International Shorts Fest. The film was nominated for the prestigious Iris Prize, awarded to the best gay and lesbian short film of the year, and was also nominated for Best Screenplay, Director, and Actor at the Playhouse West Film Festival, among other festival awards. Michael looks forward to directing his feature length screenplay inspired by the short film Shattercane.