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The Pickerell Kids

About the Film

A sister's commitment to her emotionally scarred brother creates harsh accusations from her husband.

About the Filmmaker


Barrett Hilton comes from a small farming and mining community in rural central Utah where he spent his childhood either exploring the beautiful Utah countryside or watching TV. In school Barrett developed intense interest in drawing, painting, music and theater. In high school he was an active member of the drama program, and later studied acting at central Utah's Snow College before transferring to Brigham Young University.

It was at BYU that Barrett developed a passion for writing, and he graduated with a double major in English and Media Arts with an emphasis in creative writing in both programs. He also learned film production basics at BYU and directed his first narrative film based on a short script for which he won first place at a local screenwriting competition.

Barrett married his wife, Katie in the fall of 2001 while attending school and working as a social worker for people with mental disabilities. Barrett and Katie along with their two young daughters are loving life in Los Angeles where Barrett is pursuing an MFA in film production from Loyola Marymount University. Barrett recently won best director and best screenwriter at LMU's Film Outside the Frame competition for his short film "The Pickerell Kids".

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I am very happy to have seen this. Soulful work, in my opinion, is made manifest through obscure scenarios (or subtle concepts.) I do, honestly, appreciate your creative vantage point. This is intelligent and penetrating. I have a few people that I will share this with.
(This is your cousin, by the way.)
I have tried making movies myself, as you know, and I’ve finally descended my comfort zone, and "thrown one up" on YouTube. I am not happy to have done this, but perhaps it will put me in a larger arena of opportunity.
Perhaps you could take a look? It is in three parts- the first link being-

(I feel that I HAVE to say, though, that I feel some of the cinematography in your piece was... counterproductive?- to the "spirit" I felt in it. If you understand how I mean, could you disclose to me your visual strategy?)
Do you have more works that I can see?

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