Episode Guide: 'Foyle's War'

While WWII rages across the Channel, police detective Christopher Foyle reluctantly remains on duty in his quiet English coastal town. This is the premise of the British drama, "Foyle's War." Stay up-to-date with the series with this episode guide and click here to see a full list of upcoming episodes.

Season 1

1. The German Woman
Early in the war, police detective Christopher Foyle returns to local police work in Hastings. He is assigned a driver, Sam Stewart, who, to his surprise, is a woman. Later, Foyle makes Paul Milner, a man whose leg was injured while he was in the Army, his assistant. When a beautiful Austrian woman is found murdered with a swastika painted on a nearby tree, Foyle realizes the seemingly peaceful Sussex town harbors any number of suspects.

2. The White Feather
While invasion and defeat seem imminent in England, Milner, who recently acquired his artificial leg, meets a charismatic Nazi Sympathizer, Guy Spencer. Foyle and Milner investigate Spencer after a hotel manageress is shot dead during one of his pro-Hitler meetings. In the mean time, the Allies retreat from Dunkirk.

3. A Lesson in Murder
Milner's wife Jane leaves him to stay with her sister Kate. In the meantime, a conscientious objector dies in police custody. This sets in motion a series of suspicious deaths and a complicated puzzle for Foyle that involve a judge, the judge's daughter, and a local worker, Peter, who works in a factory with a mysterious purpose.

4. Eagle Day
Foyle's son Andrew, a pilot, find himself in the middle of a cover-up after being assigned a low level flying duty. In the course of investigating a murder, Foyle uncovers a plot to steal art treasures being moved from the local museum to Wales for safekeeping. During the investigation, Sam's father tries get her to quit police work and Milner stops using cane to walk.

Season 2

5. Fifty Ships
Foyle investigates the apparent suicide of an alcoholic handyman on a deserted beach. This puts at risk the donation of American Aid and the crucial start of the Lend-Lease in the war, especially because the only eyewitness to the man's death turns out to be a German spy who is condemned to execution.

6. Among the Few
September 1940: As Andrew Foyle takes to the skies for dangerous sorties over Germany, Sam goes undercover at a fuel depot to track down the culprits behind an illicit fuel racket. But just as Sam is about to point the finger at Connie, another driver, the girl is found dead. Sexual indiscretions and racketeering - plus links to Andrew - combine to make this a delicate case for Foyle.

7. War Games
At the London head quarters of a multinational company a young secretary plummets to her death. In Hastings, Foyle is busy acting as a police referee for a series of large-scale Home Guard manoeuvres. When a member of the Home Guard is killed, Foyle and Milner discover some people will do anything to protect trading links with the Nazis.

8. The Funk Hole
London is in the grip of The Blitz. Back in Hastings the disappearance of a young boy and a break-in at a local food depot lead Foyle and his team to nearby Brookfield Court - a 'funk hole' or hotel catering for long-term guests in wartime. What they discover there is a viper's nest of cowardice, greed and deceit...

Season 3

9. The French Drop
Foyle is hoping for a new job away from Hastings when he gets caught up in the shady world of Top Secret spy organisation, the Special Operations Executive. When the son of MI5 chief Sir Giles Messinger is found dead after an explosion, Foyle suspects it is more than suicide. His investigations take him to the SOE's headquarters, where agents are taught the art of dirty warfare. As Foyle and Sam try to find the truth about William Messenger's death, they are given a fright.

10. Enemy Fire
Dashing surgeon Patrick Jamieson takes over Digby Manor to set up a pioneering medical unit treating burned airmen, but the doctors call in Foyle when their unconventional work appears to be being sabotaged. Foyle's pilot son Andrew is ordered to rest, but his stressful state of mind worsens when another airman suffers horrific burns in a crash. Then Drake, the man responsible for servicing the planes, is found dead and Andrew goes AWOL. Which of Drake's many enemies is the killer?

11. They Fought in the Fields
The crash landing of a German plane in the Hastings countryside and the killing of an obnoxious farmer lead Foyle and Milner to investigate the activities of a group of land girls. Hugh Jackson is discovered shot dead in his armchair just as a missing German airman is found, caught up in a tree by his parachute. Sam goes to work with the land girls, Joan and Rose, while Foyle suspects that the Germans are not the straightforward POWs they appear. Can they get to the root of the farm's secrets?

12. A War on Nerves
Foyle and Milner's crackdown on an organised crime racket leads them to a shipyard owned by brothers Mark and Peter Talbot. There's a bombing raid at the docks and a group of Royal Engineers from the bomb disposal unit find thousands of pounds of hidden cash. Instead of telling police, they smuggle the money out - but one of them is abducted. What is going on at the Talbots' shipyard? And is there any link with communist agitator Raymond Carter, who has come to Hastings with his fiancée - and whom Foyle has been ordered to watch closely?

Season 4

It's April 1942. The first American GIs arrive near Hastings - their orders to build an aerodrome and camp on farmland that has been requisitioned for the task. Landowner David Barrett is hostile towards Captain John Kieffer of the 215th Engineers, while his men are busy checking out the local girls.

Bad Blood, Part 1
It's August 1942. A mysterious bomb is dropped in deserted, barren land and smoke envelopes a cage of sheep. Later, a dead sheep falls out of a van into a country lane. GI Joe Farnetti shocks Sam by proposing to her, while Milner is also surprised by a plea for help from his one-time love Edith Ashford. Edith's brother Martin, a Quaker and conscientious objector, has been accused of murdering war hero Tom Jenkins. Jenkins served with the Royal Navy and saved his men when a convoy of ships was attacked by Germans. He was honoured by the King. The case is outside Foyle's jurisdiction but he agrees to visit DCS Fielding, a former army colleague.

Season 5

Bleak Midwinter
It's December 1942. When Grace Phillips dies in what appears to be an accident at a local munitions works, Foyle is asked by one of her co-workers, who is deeply disturbed by the event, to look into her death.

Casualties of War
It's March, 1943. Foyle's life is turned upside down when his god-daughter, Lydia, and her seven year old son, James, turn up on his doorstep needing somewhere to stay. They have nowhere else to go. James has been severely traumatised by a bombing at his London school where most of his classmates and teachers were killed; he hasn't spoken a word since. Soon after their arrival, Lydia disappears. Ably assisted by Sam, Foyle has to care for Lydia's troubled young son until he can find Lydia and bring her safely home.

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