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Georgie-Girl-430x325.jpgGeorgie Girl is an hour-long celebration of one person's remark-able journey from obscurity to outcast to popular politician. Georgina Beyer, formerly George Bertrand, was elected to New Zealand's Parliament in 1999, becoming the world's first trans-sexual to hold a national office. Amazingly, a mostly white and naturally conservative, rural constituency voted this former sex worker of Maori heritage into office. The film chronicles Georgina's transformations from farm boy to celebrated cabaret diva to grassroots community leader. It couples interviews and footage of Georgina's nightclub and film performances with footage from a day in the life of a Minister of Parliament. The sometimes jarring juxtaposition encourages viewers to think about how the intelligence, charisma, poise and humor needed to succeed as a performer translates into remarkable accomplishment as a politician.