British In Southern California

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"British In Southern California" "Global L.A." explores all things British in Southern California, taking full advantage of the second biggest British population outside of the United Kingdom, and also capitalizing on the interest in the 2012 Olympic games that begin July 27th in London. The two hour special is hosted by popular Globe Trekker host, Zay Harding. Harding shares information and locales involved in the enormous in-migration of British citizens into Southern California that began after World War I. Over the years, they have brought many of their traditions to our region, and have had an impact upon our history.

Today, Southern California is home to many of the biggest English celebrities. In reviewing British architectural contributions to Los Angeles and vicinity, Zay Hardin will visit some of the iconic structures that symbolize the city -- The Coliseum, City Hall, Bullocks Wilshire and Union Station. We visit the iconic Griffith Park area, at 4,000 acres one of the largest urban parks in North America, and a green gem of nature in the middle of greater Los Angeles. It was a gift of Welshman Griffith J. Griffith. The park is also home to Griffith Observatory and the Greek Theater. Zay Harding escorts viewers to British pubs, eateries, and shops in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Pasadena. These institutions, owned and frequented by British expatriates, have a history and identities all their own. British sports also has a presence in Southern California, especially in the form of football, rugby and cricket clubs in the area. The one that stands out is the Compton Cricket Club, made up of Latino and African-American-American ex-gang members. This group has toured the world as good-will ambassadors, won numerous international tournaments, and had a hip-hop opera ("Hopera") written about them. All this is part of the premiere episode in the new KCET series, "Global L.A.".