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In celebration of Halloween the second episode of Global L.A. explores customs and practices to do with the otherworldly from around the world.

Brianna Barnes is joined by a series of Globe Trekker hosts including Megan Mc Cormick and Ian Wright on a whirlwind tour of ghostly sites and spooky tales from places as diverse as a cemetery in Argentina, a fetish market in Benin and a haunted castle in Scotland.

In her home town Los Angeles Brianna visits one of the more unusual celebrity cemeteries, finds out what it's like to drive a hearse and learns how to cast a witches' spell before building an altar in commemoration of the Day of the Dead - finding out that it is possible to travel the world without ever leaving the multi-cultural city that is Los Angeles.

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What are the places that she visits? I watched it earlier today, but I can't remember the names of some of the places. And I was very interested in taking a look at them.