About the Show
GOURMET'S ADVENTURES WITH RUTH invites viewers to travel the globe alongside host and Gourmeteditor-in-chief Ruth Reichl, her Gourmetcolleagues and celebrity guests, as they visit exotic cooking schools and experience the local foods and traditions. Ten half-hour episodes feature Gourmeteditors Doc Willoughby and Ian Knauer, along with actors Dianne Wiest, Lorraine Bracco, Tom Skerritt and Jeffrey Wright, each of whom shares Ruth's passion for food and travel. In the first season, Ruth visits cooking schools abroad in Mexico, Italy, England, Morroco, Brazil, Laos and China; and closer to home in Washington, New York and Tennesee, the setting for the series' premiere episode. There, Ruth and actress Frances McDormand visit Blackberry Farm, a culinary resort that exults farm-to-fork eating by producing its own organic vegetables, honey, eggs, preserves and artisan cheeses.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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