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Today's moms wage a constant battle between coping and chaos -whether managing a cluttered home, unruly kids, a broken budget, poor health or other issues. HANNAH HELP ME! documents the life-skills transformation of overwhelmed and desperate moms. Part life coach, part drill sergeant, host Hannah Keeley takes these women from the end of their rope to the top of their game with her two-day "boot camp." With seven kids, a successful career and a home run like a well-oiled machine, Hannah knows plenty of tricks and techniques to help mothers help themselves. Hannah thinks women today need more than a makeover - they need life skills. She gets to the root of the problem by altering each mom's behavior, not the conditions they created. In season two, Hannah's as intent as ever on changing the world, one mom at a time - from her home and her health, to her kids and her spirit.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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