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How to Travel the World for FREE - this is the unbelievable attempt of award-winning comedian Michael Wigge to travel 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica, without any money. On his journey he immerses himself into fascinating subcultures, sleeps on the street with homeless people and nourishes himself with flowers. With the help of over 100 people Wigge manages to get free food, free accommodation and free transportation for his 150 days across four continents and eleven countries. This unusual travel diary combines adventure with humorous situations and insightful interviews on people's relationship with money. A must for every travel and adventure fan... EXTREME BACKPACKING! Is it really possible to travel from Berlin to Antarctica without a single cent? Michael Wigge is on an adventure of a lifetime. Simple necessities become a challenge. What will he eat? Where will he sleep? How will he travel? Everyday, these same questions will occupy the back of his mind. From playing hide and seek with ticket agents on the train to being put to work on a container ship crossing the North Atlantic ocean to Canada; the beginning of his journey is already off to an exciting start. Who will he meet along the way? How will Michael Wigge go from Canada to the US and then cross all of South America to reach his final destination, Antarctica? This series is full of surprises. Some more pleasant than others but nevertheless, it's an adventure you won't want to miss!
Friday November 28 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Monday December 1 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Wednesday December 3 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Friday December 5 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Monday December 8 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Wednesday December 10 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
Friday December 12 at 3:00PM on KCETLINK
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