Huell Howser

Mission Art

California Missions, Episode #110

Before the Gold Rush and even before it was a part of the United States, California was first settled by Spanish missionaries who built 21 missions that still stand today. Over the years, countless artists have depicted the California Missions in drawings, paintings, etchings and photographs that has left an indelible Spanish-influenced mark on California’s early historical landscape. Huell first visits the Huntington Library, which has one of the largest collections of Mission art in the world. Huell also visits Luis Tur, who has made 19 of the 21 Mission models using nothing but pieces of junk.

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Can you recommend a good place where to buy California Mission art?

Not sure exactly what you are looking for. Did you try google? Here are a few sites I found (but are NOT officially recommended - just found on Google)...

Good Luck