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Where's Huell? 9/23-9/30

Wondering what Huell was up to this week? This handy guide to the week's Huell episodes lets you follow along, while also providing additional info on the areas spotlighted. This week: Huell explored the secret gardens of Alcatraz, went sky diving with the best parachuters in the world, and goes swimming in the Neptune Pool of Hearst Castle. For more information on any video (as well as a chance to purchase them), you can always visit Huell at

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Wednesday - Sept. 23, 2009: Chiriaco Summit - Huell spends the day with the people of Chiriaco Summit as the community celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Related: Video footage of the Defenders of Freedom Wall and West Coast Vietnam Memorial Wall at Chiriaco Summit. Also: Video footage of the Chiriaco Summit airstrip with shots of vintage airplanes.

Thursday - Sept. 24, 2009: Golden Knights - Huell has the adventure of a lifetime, skydiving with the world-famous U.S. Army Golden Knights.

Related: The Golden Knights perform for 55,000 fans of the Golden Bears at Cal v. Michigan State. Also: The Golden Knights at the Torrance Armed Forces Parade in 2008.

Friday - Sept. 25, 2009: Neptune Pool - Huell gets a behind-the-scenes tour and takes a swim in the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle.

Related: Home video of the Neptune Pool shot July 13 of this year. Also, archival footage of W.R. Hearst, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd together on Santa Monica Beach in 1928.

Saturday - Sept. 26, 2009: Farallon Islands - Huell spends the day with the biologists who live on the Farallon Islands - often called "California's Galapagos" - which are found 27 miles off the coast of San Francisco.

Related: The Marine Mammal Center releases sea lions off the coast of the Farallon Islands. Also: Semi-Pro video footage of the Farallon Island and its diverse wildlife.

Sunday - Sept. 27, 2009: California's Gold: John Muir & California's Golden Parks: John Muir Home - Huell goes back in time and visits with John Muir at Yosemite National Park. Then Huell heads to Martinez, CA to tour the Victorian residence where naturalist John Muir lived from 1890 to his death in 1914.

Related: Slide shows of the John Muir Trail journey set to music.

Monday - Sept. 28, 2009; 7:30pm: Lassen - Huell visits Lassen Volcanic National Park. Lava flows, jagged craters and steaming sulfur vents make up some of Lassen's breathtaking landscape.

Related:Video footage of trail hike up to the peak of Mt. Lassen. Also: Rare 16mm footage of a trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Tuesday - Sept. 29, 2009; 7:30pm: Whiskeytown - Huell visits Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and hears all about this new and improved state park which was hidden on private property until 2006.

Related: Slide show compilation set to music shot during a trip to Whiskeytown in the spring of 2009.

Wednesday - Sept. 30, 2009; 7:30pm: Alcatraz Gardens - Huell learns about the infamous prison's garden when he visits Alcatraz Island.

Related:Video footage from a boat sailing up to Alcatraz Islands. Also: Newsreel report on the only successful escape from Alcatraz in 1962.

For more on California's parks, visit KCET's SoCal Parks blog.For more information on any video (as well as a chance to purchase them), you can always visit Huell at Lastly, the image of the General Patton Museum associated with this post was taken by flickr user mlhradio. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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will huell howswer's swim be aired again! i can just kill myself that i missed it! i was sick! :o(
now i am sick that i missed it!

huell is truly california's gold!!!

thank you
frances harmon

My dear Huell,

My girlfriend and I have been fallowing your shows for about 6 yrs now. And we have a friend that has told us about a little place in orange county, in the city of stanton which is a small city that is in between anhiem and garden grove.

Now to help begin this little story, i must tell you that when I was a kid growing up in orange county back in the late 60's early 70's I use to visit this place as I believe so many young kids did. The name of the place is Hobby City and if you have ever visited there, you would have know why. It was a kid's hobby dreamland. You could find models of cars, trains, slot cars, there was a doll house for the girls, theres a store you could find things from the pioneering days like mussets and flint locks kits that you can build them with your fathers, and there also was a Idian store to buy supplies for crafts, and even a small pet store for reptiles, But more than that Alen Amstell the owner also started a petting zoo for his daughter, which to there amazement grew into an amusement park for kids and there families. It is still own by the family and operated by them. You would not think this little place is so big when you first see it from the street on Beach Bulvard just south of Ball Road in the middle of Orange County but its there. There are so many intersting things there, when you first dive into the parking lot you will see a big tree house that is a teddy bear store but if you look closer you will see windows on the secound story and that is were Alen and his wife spent a lot of time living in a small apartment, as there little park was growing to over see his projects. The park was mainly developed for his family to have fun since hes a very family man. And since his family was having so much fun he decided that all the kids that visit should have the same fun also.

And know there is a secound story here also. You know we all love those beautiful little steam trains we ride with our kids for the first time when they are small, just like the one in Griffieth Park, they have one there also and its so heart warming seeing the kids with there parents riding them with all there big smiles.

Well heres the secound part of this story, that little steam train and so many more like them around the world were build just 5 miles up the road in Buena Park. We take for granted the beauty and the happieness that the steam trains brings to everybody.

Well they were built by Mr Bud Hurlbuts. Bud has a very interesting story of his own and I will let him tell you that if you have the chance to meet with him. I will give you alittle background. We all know of Knott's Berry Farm but what everybody doesn't realize is that Bud talked Walter into adding the attrantions in to the berry farm. Bud disigned Log Ride and Mine Ride and may other attractions and he did it all in his little shop across form Knott's Berry farm on La Palma Ave where his shop is. If you drive west from Beach Bld and look to the right you will see a little victorian house way back on a dirt lot thats his shop. And in the back, theres a small works shop and what you will find in there if you look in the doors are the little steam trains and passenger cars. I had the chance to visit with Bud one day just currios about his operations and boy was I surpised. Bud has built these steam trains for years and each train is build all by hand. Bud gets orders from around the world and even did the steam train for Micheal Jackson at Neverland.

I hope this is something you would intersted in sharing with all our veiwers.

That is a great story Kenneth! Many thanks for sharing.

Gary -