Huell Howser

Leimert Park

Hot Summer Nights

With a camera in-hand, Huell gives us an insider’s look at the community of Leimert Park and its African American heritage. From boutiques selling African apparel to chess players along the street to art galleries, Leimert Park proves to be yet another fascinating and richly diverse Los Angeles enclave.

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I loved this Leimert Park piece, this is one of my favorite cultural centers in Los Angeles. I love hanging out at The World Stage, to hear outstanding jazz and chatting with the local artists in the area.
Leimert Park,specifically Degnan Ave. has such a postive vibe, it's a wonderful,spiritual and soulful place to be. I'm sure Huell, you picked up that positive vibe, when you visted this part of the city ! I haven't been to my " old stomping ground " for a while, but now that Iv'e taken this trip down Memory Lane with you, looks like I will have to check the nighborhood out and pick up some cards, African clothing and art for the start of Kwanzza, which starts the day after Christmas.
Huell, I didn't realize that you had so much soul !! Thanks for doing this outstanding piece on the Leimert Park community.