Huell Howser

Occidental College Preview

You’re invited to join me Thursday night at 8:30 on KCET as we spend the day on the campus of Occidental College in Eagle Rock retracing the steps of President-elect Barack Obama who spent two years there as an undergraduate student from 1979 to 1981.

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Included in the program is a conversation with his very first political science professor, a visit with one of his fellow students, and a look inside his actual dorm room. We also stand on the exact steps where he made his first political speech!

It’s interesting, fun, and enlightening - and gives us all a better understanding of the Barack Obama-Southern California connection.

The adventure continues...

This special edition of California’s Gold airs Thursday, November 13th at 8:30 pm and repeats that night at 12:30. It also airs again at 7:30 pm on Friday, November 28th. This program will be fed statewide to all PBS affiliates in January.


Huell and Dr. Roger Boesche - Barack Obama’s first Political Science professor.


Caption: Sitting on the steps where Barack Obama made his first political speech.

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Have always known that California's "gold" is more than all the beautiful places Mr. Howser exposes us to... we now know it is also the gold in California's educational system that flows through the veins of our President-elect Barack Obama.


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Dear Huel
Oboma is a " fraud " being perputrated upon the American public and I am ashamed to know that such a respected person as Huel Houser would promote this " fraud "
Had enough research been done by Mr. Houser he would know that allthough Pres. Elect. he is really not a " naturally born citizen of the U.S. " and there fore not qualified to be President. Shame on you Huel The public acknowledge ment world wide that Oboma was know as Berry Sotero ( sp.? )is proof enough that he is a " fake "
I suggest you do an immediate show on the case pending before the Supreme Court of Cal. as well as the Cal. Superior Court which both defines he is a " fraud " and the " electrate" should not vote him in.
Wise up as to the " Constitutional Crisis that is impending
Enjoy all your other " truthful " shows,

Robert Frank Bosworth
Pres. Industrial Engineering Consultants ( 20 yrs ), and
formar Mngmt. Consultant to Chancellor Young at UCLA

Where did Mr. Bosworth learn to spell? It is as bad as his facts.

Mr. Howser,
I am a verteran of the USS Iowa BB-61, 1952-1953. I am connected with a group of battleship vets and execs that want to bring the ship to the Port of Los Angeles or the Port of San Pedro. The Iowa is the last of the class battleships the is not a living museum. The other three ships are the Missouri, New Jeresy and Wisconsen, all three are located in other port and docks. All have history that varies in time.
The Iowa was in WW-II, Korea and was slated for Desert Storm, that war did not last long enough to get into the fight. We have over 3,000 Veterans of the USS Iowa Association thoughout this land of ours and we would like to have your support in trying to get her here in Southern California.
Looking forward to hearing from you