Huell Howser

Classic Huell: The Bridge to Nowhere

Classic Huell

What happened to the plans made in the late ‘20s to build roads through the San Gabriel Mountains? Remnants of the project exist only as a bridge with open ends that meet no road. Huell takes a hike to the elusive bridge that could have led to somewhere but got beaten out by Mother Nature by way of heavy rain and floods.

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man couldn't control the length of this hike! this bridge should be called "the bridge that takes forever to get to since there aren't any real signs or trails to follow except the riverbed!" i should have brought a horse. and more water. huell makes it seem like a breeze, that trail only exists on the last stretch of the hike!



I have been to this place many times. My first time was with a friend, Mike Sedlack. We were being chased by a large class of the Sierra Club's "Basic Mountaineering School". We lost the race when we hit the wrong side of the canyon, the old map we were using nearly got me killed. The trail was bad and a part of it went sideways. I grabbed a large rock and it started moving. The cliff was 6 inches from my now 80 degree angled feet and it was a 100 + foot drop to the rocks below. If Mike hadn't been on stable ground I never would have crossed that bridge. We forded the shallow east fork 42 times that day, 21 in, 21 out I will never forget it.


PS --- I am being hounded by these hot buttons in my text I apologize to KCET for this plague on my house. I can't get free of them they are all over my google blogs. I hope this is not costing me my net freedoms but if its a virus I know I am effectively silenced. What ever the case, I am truly sorry I didn't get in here sooner. I know Huell had a lot of fans, I was one of them, and I miss him.