Huell Howser

Bullocks Tea Room

Visiting with Huell Howser, Episde #810

Huell visits Leslie Steinberg of the Southwestern University School of Law, which has lovingly restored the Bullocks Tea Room to its original splendor. Huell meets up with some of the people who were in the original program on the closing of the Tea Room (#111) and reminisces about this part of our city's history.

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That was fun to watch! While I never experienced the Bullocks Wilshire Tea Room, I spent many an afternoon at Seattle's Frederick and Nelson tea room - not as grand, but just as special. Thanks, Huell, you're the best.

This was wonderful to watch. I grew up shopping at that store and worked at Bullocks Wilshire in the late 80s. Watching former co-workers being interviewed about the closing of what by then was I. Magnin was very poignant and nice to see their faces again as I remembered them. Thank you for posting this.

It was wonderful to see the gorgeous Bullocks Wilshire in it's new hey day as a library. I worked for the store from 1978 to 1988. I worked in the Silver room. It was a great place to work at and I worked with really wonderful and interesting people. I made great friends there. I waited on famous people and terrific people all were interesting and very friendly. My wife Karen and I were married while I worked there and she bought her wedding dress and hat there and many outfits and shoes after we were married. We dined in the tea room so many times and it was always great. I loved the Bombay salad. I used to take my best patrons to the tea room for lunch on the store. The store had such an old world atmosphere and a feeling of history. I just loved it and was heartbroken when Macy's closed it. I was especially sad and happy to see Rosa Liebman who worked in the gift gallery. She and I were close friends while I worked there. It brought me to tears when I thought back to those happy elegant times.