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Watch 'Visiting with Huell Howser': 'Lint Art'

Plot synopsis:

Huell visits his artist friend Slater Barron to witness the beauty of art made from dryer lint. Yes, lint. This is an update of a 20-year-old "Videolog" episode.

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What an amazing story about Slater's Lint art! I loved the way Huell has fused his "vintage ", orginal story, with the new work, Slater has done.What a powerful interview this was,showing how Slater was able to cope with her mother's alzheimer's by using this tatile,lint,material. The pictures of Slater's mother were very expressive and one could see through her work, how the disease of alzheimer,causes mental degeneration,then death. It was really nice hearing Slater's interview and viewing her beautiful art.
Huell demonstrated in this interview, that, out of pain comes beauty,knowledge and creativity. Thank you Huell, for this incredible Videolog classic !

What a meaningful story for all of us.
I am without words to describe this talented lady.
Thanks for the update connecting her works of years ago, with the intricate work that has such personal meaning for her and hits many of us today.
Amazing amazing and the fact that she could work with "lint media" without ALLERGY misery.
Thanks Huell, for your programs that give us CALIFORNIA education without the travels.