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Polka Restaurant

Visiting...With Huell Howser, Episode #1601

Who knew that an obscure mini-mall in Glassell Park could serve up such tasty, authentic Polish food? Huell talks to Albert and Katherine Dabrowski at Polka, their warm and welcoming restaurant that dishes up coveted but hard-to-find Eastern European cuisine in Los Angeles.

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Can I order the salad dressing you talk about at this Polka restaurant?

Yes, you can get a bottle or two to go.

4112 Verdugo Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065

(323) 255-1000

Open 11:00 AM 9:00 PM
Wednesday - Sunday

Harry Pallenberg
Segment Producer
Huell Howser Prod.

I went to the restaurant because a friend recommended as something different (after the experience I google and found this video). I like the gypsy look of the inside of the restaurante. The waiter/owner seems like taken out of one of those films, or a barber quarted. The wife look very nice in teh video, but in person is a bit too serious and bitchy. I can tell you I did not like the food too much. It is like eating what poor farmers in Germany eat. The potatos are no really close to the US way of doing it. Howver, every one to its own. I saw lots of people enjoying it, not me. Good experience the first one (and last). Bit pricey with no options to just get an apetizer. Going to the bathroom is a way to check what they are cooking, of course, Mexican cooks.

Expected so much... received so little. Made a special trip to Polka after reading the reviews and seeing it on Diners'Drive-ins and Dives. Have to agree with the Dive part. Hoods hanging in the parking lot made us afraid to get out of the car. Tripped on the uneven doorway and almost injured myself. Interior dark, cramped, and ewwww...dirty. Don't they dust? Owner's wife "greets" you at the door. A less friendly person I have never met. The restaurant smelled like old cabbage. The pierogi were heavy, gluey and just plain bad. My husband couldn't eat the goulash because it was so salty it hurt the tongue. The prices were ridiculous for a dump like this. Even worse, at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, they told a walk-in couple it would be THREE HOURS until a table would be available, even though there was no one waiting anywhere near and the previous couple had been told 45 minutes. We wondered why, until we realized the second couple was mixed race and gay. This is an ugly place, and we will NEVER go here again.

We went to Polka a few days after seeing it on Huell Howser's show. We opened the door to the place only to be greeted by the owner who told us there was no way we were going to get into the restaurant that day. I guess a lot of people like it because Polish restaurants are pretty rare. However, I think that these people are very rude and surely don't deserve the business they are getting! I would never go there again or suggest it to anyone!

Stupid commentators, funny comments, lol