Huell Howser

Thai Town

Visiting...With Huell Howser, Episode #935

Join Huell in visiting the vibrant Thai community in Thai Town on Hollywood Boulevard where he discovers tasty places to eat, meets Thai Elvis, and even makes time for dessert.

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Great Show, thanks for posting them online, look forward to seeing more!

What was the name of the town Huell visited and had the apple tasting and tour on Thursday night? Please advise. Do not think it was Julian, but another town and I didn't catch it. Thanks.

Well on Thursday we aired the Persimmons show - could you have the wrong fruit? if it is apples you are after it was probably this one....

Road Trip With Huell Howser #135 - OAK GLEN
It's apple season and Huell is off to Oak Glen, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, to take part in a popular fall tradition.

Los Rios Rancho 909-797-1005
Wood Acres 909-797-8500
Parrish Pioneer Ranch 909-797-1753
Law’s Cider Mill & Ranch 909-797-1459
Law’s Oak Glen Coffee Shop 909-797-1642
Snow-Line Orchard 909-797-3415
Apple Tree Gifts & Country Things 909-797-3130

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