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Union Station

Visiting...With Huell Howser, Episode #222

Watch this video for a first-rate historical tour of Los Angeles’ Union Station, the “last of America’s great railway stations,” built in 1939. Join Huell in discovering one of LA’s most cherished buildings as he revisits and amazes at one of the easiest, most convenient forms of transportation in LA: the trusty train.

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We in the family traveled during the 1940's and 50's.
Union Station was a very visited place to come and go.
I went to sleep many times waiting for early morning trains!
I am so happy everything is being taken care of now and my Mother, Winifred Forrester, would be so excited and happy to know all of this. Mother, was a constant traveler when we children were born in the 30's.
Thank you for listening.
Florence Stockton
Reno, Nevada
formerly West Covina, Ca.

The Forrester Family traveled by train almost constantly during the 1940's. I knew every foot of Union Station!
I wish my mother was still with us because she would be so happy and impressed with the renewed Union Station!
We lived in Southern California more than 40 years.
Los Angeles will always be my "home". We now live in Reno, Nevada.
Thank you for listening!
Florence Stockton

Aunt Florrie, trying to reach you about the Forrester clan of which you write.

My mother, Esther Hittner, and I came to Los Angeles in the 1940's to visit her Aunt, Carolyn Geyer and George Geyer, her spouse. We traveled on the El Capitan from Ohio and arrived at the Union Station in the morning, I remember the large clock, I was a very young little girl, and this memory is forever in my mind. On this August morning there was a little rain, and my mother, spoke very surprised saying,"I thought you said, it never rains in Los Angeles. " I do not remember my Aunt Carolyn's reply. UNION STATION IS JUST WONDERFUL, and a true tribute to days gone by.

I love watching Huell Howser Program's there so good. This one was really good about Train Station.